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Lesbian fanfiction vampire diaries

Please consider turning it on! Read More Part two Original Imagine: Blushing furiously Elena quickly stepped into her room, slammed the door behind her and then scurried to the foot of her bed, before softly asking, "What do you want Katherine? When Jeremy said that he had a crush on you and was going to ask you out, it just fit.

I just want to be with you anyway I can. Huge tits slip. Look at you, darling. Lesbian fanfiction vampire diaries. And Katherine was loath to admit it to herself, let alone anyone else, but even after all these years that 'innocent' routine appeal to the darker side of her which wanted to corrupt and devour that innocence.

Elena follows your gaze and realizes what you are silently suggesting. She keeps doing it, enjoying the way Elena takes it, enjoying the feel of Elena getting wetter for her, from her. Top of Work Index. I could stop teasing you and give you what you truly want, lover, all you have to do is ask. No matter how hard she tried to force her mind to focus on her boyfriend, to focus on school, to focus on anything else, it always returned to the other blonde.

Agonisingly slow she presses in and out of me, his face becoming more and more amused the more frustrated I became.

She did not want to be aroused by such thoughts. Twisting them and curling them deep inside at a fast pace, as her thumb ran over her swollen clit. Asian girl gets fucked on bus. Although truth be told that became less endearing after Katherine got tired of bullying Elena's tongue around with her own and tried to move lower, not that the poor human had a prayer of even slowing her down.

Elena looks at you and leans in to kiss you. She did not want to give Rebekah the satisfaction of even thinking about her. Caroline, Klaus, Kol, and Katherine will all make an appearance in this story. Caroline muttered something incoherently under her breath. You wipe away your tears and sniffle, looking up at him. Because, she was frisky.

This story takes place over episodes 17, 18, and 19 of Season 4. She gasps and moans, he throws her roughly back at me. Desperate for help, the Salvatore brothers call Katherine Pierce who is surprisingly willing to help. As she spends more and more time with her Rebekah finds no other word so perfectly describes Elena Gilbert. Willing to sacrifice yourself for the other? Rated for eventual smut, and references to past rape, and domestic abuse.

The relief in her chest is at odds with the butterflies in her stomach as Elena teases her brother and she takes several deep breaths, waiting for it to go away. Seriously it makes me feel good!

Behind her, Jeremy kisses her neck. Lesbians together in bed. Jenna loves her, but curfew is a big thing in the Gilbert home, and she and Jeremy had managed to be an hour late the week before when the Sheriff had a late shift and they were busy enjoying the private time, littering the Forbes living room with discarded clothes and the air with moans and gasps as they clung to each other as if death was the only thing to ever come between them. She slowly reached her hand to Katherine's stomach and slowly began to move it up to where her bra was, just when she was going to unclasp the front of the bra she heard something.

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She wanted her more than she ever wanted anyone. Naked wedding cake london. She should be terrified, not aroused. All I focused on was Stefan and Damon. It was truly one of the worst storms we had seen in a while. Matt just stares at you and blinks a few times before a huge smile spreads across his face. I wanted to go back to the bed, but I just stood there, eyes scanning her gorgeous body.

Elena is thrashing angrily in the corner, crying and screaming your name over and over. Wes turns to her and smirks before turning back to you and shoving a knife in your left eye. Katherine slowly pulled away from her neck and mumbled "Yes? So, quite some time ago, she made a promise to herself that she would look away. Lesbian fanfiction vampire diaries. Milf fucked doggystyle. When she finally pulls away, your eyes are still closed. She gasps and pulls away. Give It to me" She snatched the bottle from my clutch, and quickly downed some of the liquid.

Katherine speed infront of Caroline, pinning her to the wall suddenly.

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He grabs your shoulders and looks you right in the eyes. Suddenly my phone rang. It definetly turned me on. I felt suddenly angry, "Don't call her that. She bit her lip and whispered. You look at him, surprised. I know that I ended it with a cliffhanger, but y'all can guess what is going to be happening in the next chapter. Lesbian anul porn. Pulling gently, Caroline urges Elena towards her even as Jeremy keeps pushing into her harder and faster. I'm not going anywhere. You desperately want to reach out to her again.

The fire has simply turned to a repetitive explosion and it won't burn out. To the point of aching and longing to be touched by the original so badly that she had to make a move.

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