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There is no way to rationalize this ish.

We only saw what they wanted us to see,who knows what else happened, and maybe this is what happened to her with all of the guys she slept with, maybe they took advantage of her when she was intoxicated. Nadia hilton big tit bangers. So, he put it out on the internet.

She did this for more attention. I'm a Sole Survivor Bone Thugs rapper Bizzy Bone opens up about his tragic past of being molested, revealing that he's moved on from the situation and he's thankful for what he's been through in life, including being labeled "crazy. Kat's threatening to take legal action as soon as video of the attack leaks.

Ross dont let your crew be buckwild like that DAMN!!! Ummm why was this even posted? Have you met her? I commented before on this ealier and took up for her. Kat stacks nude video. Katt Stacks set this up. I forgot my password.

I can honestly say she did start the whole Barbie with the crazy wig, crazy outfit. The life some people live! I like Lil Kim. She has a child and he should be her priority, not putting wack ass dudes on blast Kat says the culprits are Fab and Bow's homies Rob and Bart.

Why is she so angry at rappers? Those niggas are trash for that, what goes around comes around I like Tami Roman and Jennifer.

While it is not all fault of her upbringing, most of it can be blamed on such. Is there anyone in the industry that you look up to? I feel bad for her. Shocking nude photos. She has to hold an amount of responsibility for the shit she puts herself into. Get every story in your inbox! Like most places, Miami is a small city in regards to that typle of crowd….

If you look closely the guys were barely touching her. At the end of the clip, Kat also snatches back what looks like a bottle of pills … Reader Frank spotted a bottle of Ciroc in hand. The video shows a woman being physically and verbally attacked!

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Thanks for the sharp eye. Camilla power nude. Hopefully she finds out before she ends up in an even worse spot. After I told her about the Monistat 7 story: I don't condone violence, but you most definitely get what you put out there.

At this point everyone engaging in this shit is disgusting including bloggers. She ain't acting like a lady, so why do we expect them to treat her like one?

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GunPlay on camera doin a line?!??! That includes Fab and Bow wow. Looks like a stunt to me Details emerging soon I'm sure And thats just me I am a firm believer as far as women and sex crimes. Just some tips and things like that. It was fucked up. I agree with everybody this is not FUNNY this girl have serious underlining issues and need help fast. So, he put it out on the internet.

Ummm why was this even posted? I'm not saying what they did was right, but you can't provoke ppl and expect them to sit by and take what she has been saying. Big swollen tits. But, from what I can see, you are pretty together person, in spite of whatever unfortunate events happened in your life. Kat stacks nude video. Where are her parents? She was sitting at a table when 2 guys came and knocked her out of her seat screaming "This is for Fabolous!

I went to jail for two days. Got My Lick In Seriously? Surely it's time for someone to step up now!! Those dudes are clowns. Because this guy that I was talking to…. You just told her that she was a non-muthafuckin factor. Apparently she still selling pussy and it will be a matter of time before some dudes gang rape her on tape then throw her in the middle of no where naked or she gets hurt very bad because some loser thinks its cool to get internet fame that way… And she deserves a lot of things but no one deserves what it looks likes she on her way to getting in the near future….

Oh, this is just a lost cause!!!! That video is disgusting and disturbing, I dont think it's fake. Thugs need to go to jail.

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Nicki Minaj talked about her feud with Mariah Carey on Ellen proclaiming she is not a psycho, but admits that she did act a little crazy. Is there anyone in the industry that you look up to? DAMN, sum people really dont care. African naked girls porn. I left up out of the house and just beat up his car and he called the police on me.

Stacks, whose given name is Andrea Herrera, is known for her rough upbringing; having been received by a life of prostitution and human trafficking after running away from home at the age of She is also the victim of assault on numerous recordings that have traveled the web through such sites as WorldStarHipHop.

There was a fight outside of VIP and the security came through. Xxx sexy porn sex And as far as Kat goes she placed hersel in that situation, but that does that mean the other parties involved should take advantage of the situation? The club was packed and wild! Not gon lie I beat my shit to her one twerking video Nowwww she looks like Plus homegirl was acting crazy belligerent.

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